Quality Processes

The quality control practices that we are following in our factory are given below:


Fabric Quality Check

Fabric is checked 100% for various defects like :-

  • Weaving defects
  • Holes
  • Printing/dyeing defects
  • Water/crease marks
  • Width wise segregation
  • Skew/torque
  • Colour variation



    All the fabrics are checked in the laboratory for :-

  • Count / construction
  • Shrinkage
  • Tear strength
  • Crocking (dry / wet)
  • Appearance after wash
    (Garment 45 min. Cycle machine wash)
  • Tensile strength
  • CF to washing
  • CF to light
  • Seam slippage

    • All trims are checked for durability and performance and are ensure for compliance with care instructions.
    • All trims are attached correctly using proper attachment methods.
    • Trim materials are checked to perform consistently with the base fabric performance wit no differential shrinkage.
    • Join seams are kept neat and raw edges are removed.
    • Ribbon ends are heat-sealed.
    • Lace panels are paired / matched.
    • Pre-shrunk elastic is always used for respective styles.


    Cutting (Physical)
    • Layering is done on the basis of fabric weight / GSM and size / ratio.
    • Dye lot numbers are given on each layer cut, to keep track of lots cut at the packing stage, if needed.
    • Each dyelot is to be cut in ratio to maintain color consistency, when the goods finally reach the rack.
    • Each layer cut, is checked for cutting consistency and records are maintained.


    Cutting (Technical)
    • All component parts of the garment are laid parallel to the warp (length) of fabric unless style warrants others positioning of parts
    • All component parts of a garment are laid in one general area and are shade controlled.
    • Each layer edge is checked for unacceptable skew / torque.
    • All plaids, horizontal stripes and vertical stripes are matched as per the requirement of Buyer.
    • Lightweight fabrics or off grain fabric use to relax & make it tension free to prevent problems in stitching

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