Key Concepts

Chairman's Message
Three basic principles constitute the core of the Ruchi fashion; to provide value and service to our customers by offering quality.......

The Group is equipped with state of the art machinery like Tunnel Cover Seaming Machines, Heat Transferring Machines and Vertical Garments processing with auto tilting to produce various types of high quality knitted garments..........
Our Quality
The company has made considerable progress towards integration in its manufacturing processes with the ultimate aim of achieving 'Product Quality.......


Ruchi Fashions is a pro-active and dynamic export enterprise engaged in the manufacture , supplies and export of all types garments. Since it's inception in 1986, the company has come a long way. Today, it enjoys an enviable reputation as a quality driven export company with ever growing clientele.

With the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities the company has the capacity to produce 2000 pcs. of hosiery knitted garments every day .Its strict adherence to stringent quality controls at all levels of the production process ensures that you get high quality garments in terms of fabric, colour,stiching & trimmings etc
The ultramodern technologies lead the Group ahead of the competitors. It plays the key role in producing the products of superior quality. The unique blend of modern technologies from all over the world has enabled Ruchi Fashions to maximize its capability.

Keeping an account of the changing needs of the customers the Group equips itself with the latest technologies. It is determined to make use of the most modern technologies for offering the finest product to the clients. Technological superiority plays a crucial role in gaining an edge in today’s competitive market. It also empowers the Group to achieve the optimum production levels.
The cutting section is equipped with the Eastman straight Knives cutting machines that ensure 100% perfection. It improves turnaround times and expedites the cutting process with minimal waste and cost.


The embroidery division is equipped with more than 2 computerized machines of 20 heads each, from Barudan and SWF. The facility also has 2 sampling machines with 4 heads each. Advanced designing system and elaborate matching processes are employed to achieve intricate patterns and sophisticated illustration.

With its wide range of advanced machinery & proficient labor capable of producing stylized garments with perfection & finesse, the sewing section has a hi-tech infrastructure. The production lines are fully integrated and operational with various types of powered sewing machines from Brother, Juki, Pegasus, Yamato & other special machines.


To compliment the superior production process, the finishing section is equipped with German pressing unit with vacuum tables, German spotting guns etc

Final Inspection
Ruchi Fashions has an efficient Final Inspection Department equipped with the latest equipments. This section plays the most crucial role in ensuring 100% perfection of all the products. It is inspected that all the features demanded by the clients are designed or not. The experts thoroughly check all the products to make sure that the perfect products are delivered to the client. The products carry the brand image of the company. That’s why utmost care has been taken in this section to ensure that all the products are faultless.