Research & Development Process

Research & Development


Innovations lead ahead a leader to remain
at its position tackling all the challenges.
At Ruchi Group, utmost importance is
given on Research & Development and
all efforts are made to make it one of the
best in the world. It is involved in the
entire process of garment manufacturing
from pre-production sampling to
packing stage. It looks into Industrial engineering, process feasibility and other technical aspects.

Role And Responsibilities Of R&D And I.E. Dept.
Sampling stage (Product development)
  • Product engineering
  • Pattern engineering
  • Pattern engineering
Pre- production stage (planning)
  • Layout and m/c engineering
  • Operators training
  • Operator's skill analysis
  • Project report
Production stage (implementation and feedback)
  • Work aids
  • Time and motion study
  • Material flow


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